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New Epilepsy Startup Launches $1.5M Equity Crowdfunding Campaign
 Jun 09, 2022
Phil Gattone was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was four years old and has overcome the obstacles of epilepsy to start a digital health startup, called Neurish, that helps others impacted by epilepsy.

Neurish Networks has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign as a part of their seed round of funding. Visit Invest Neurish to learn more and contribute an investment.

Neurish Networks, a North Carolina startup created by Phil Gattone, develops applications for patients, caregivers, friends, and families impacted by epilepsy and other chronic health conditions. The inspiration behind Neurish stems from his personal experience growing up with epilepsy.

Phil was first diagnosed with epilepsy when he was four years old. His first seizure occurred in the middle of the night and persisted for over an hour. Phil went on to have thousands of seizures and was having almost 300 a day at one point. Fortunately, he had strong family support and they relentlessly advocated for him. When Phil struggled socially, his family provided the love and encouragement he needed to work hard and persevere through his tough battle with epilepsy. Phil would not have overcome epilepsy if it were not for his family and support system.

Through his journey and advocacy, Phil has met thousands of individuals with epilepsy. Most of them do not have the support system he had. Their doctor provides them with treatments and therapies that may help control their seizures, but they do not have a community of people to share their experiences or connect with. Phil knows from experience how important a social support system is.

Epilepsy can feel stigmatizing and without support people experience feelings of depression, loneliness, embarrassment, and frustration. Phil's motivation is derived from his past as he continues to develop Neurish and create a safe and social environment for those struggling with or impacted by epilepsy and various chronic health conditions.

Neurish has just achieved a major milestone. They have been listed on an equity crowdfunding platform allowing them to accept investments from anyone. Investing in Neurish will help improve the healthcare industry and enhance the lives of millions impacted by epilepsy and other chronic health conditions. Invest in Neurish today by going to Invest Neurish.

Neurish has already developed several applications on their platform. Neurish provides a social network for patients, caregivers, friends and families impacted by epilepsy. To register go to Additionally, Neurish has an application that allows users to browse, rate, and review epilepsy specialists across the entire country. Visit to find out more.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Neurish Networks, Inc.
Contact Person: Phil Gattone

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