Regulation Crowdfunding

YA Partners Reg CF launches their first Reg CF deal
 Jan 20, 2022
Virtual Film School, a company focused on building the world’s first Metaverse film school, has launched their Regulation CF campaign on YA Partner Reg CF portal

Frank Chindamo, Founder of Virtual Film School said, “Steven Spielberg’s vision of the future and Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse are now underway, and the race is on to build the world’s first Metaverse film school.

An AR, VR, MR, XR community that offers a New Media major inside a diverse and inclusive Virtual Reality classroom. Brick and mortar film schools aren’t set up for meta-learning, and they don’t teach what today’s media students want to learn: New Media.

These funds will help us execute our business plan and consider a number of growth opportunities as they arise.”

Link to press release

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