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Neurish provides a support system for people diagnosed with chronic conditions

Physicians and doctors are experts on treating patients for medical issues. However, many times, doctors lack the ability to provide social support to their patients and caregivers.

Being diagnosed with a chronic condition is scary and depressing. A social support system is essential when dealing with a chronic condition. Neurish provides that support system for people diagnosed with chronic conditions.

Imagine being given a prescription for a medication and then also being given a link to an application that lets you connect with others who have been through a similar experience. Then imagine being able to find all the information you want in one central place.

All these applications can be built by Neurish using their proprietary platform.

Friends With Epilepsy

Friends With Epilepsy is an online community for patients, caregivers, families, and friends impacted by epilepsy. Features include creating a profile that allows you to find others with similar experiences to yours, using geolocation to locate users near you or globally using a map, and much more.

You can register at FriendsWithEpilepsy.com/Register.

Get Quality Care

We know accessing the right medical professional is one of the most important steps in your journey. That’s why we’ve compiled a free database of specialists from around the country.

Epilepsy Docs

Epilepsy Docs is an application that lets you find, rate, and review epilepsy specialists along with epilepsy centers. The application uses geolocation to locate epileptologists and epilepsy centers near you.

Visit EpilepsyDocs.com to check out the application.

The Story of Neurish

Neurish was created by Phil Gattone. His inspiration for creating the company comes from a personal experience he had growing up with epilepsy. Phil was first diagnosed when he was four years old. His first seizure happened in the middle of the night and would not stop for over an hour.

Phil went on to have thousands of seizures and was having almost 300 a day at one point. Fortunately, he had his family to advocate for him. They started to learn about epilepsy, went to all the support groups, tried all the medications, and visited doctors all over the country. Many doctors said they couldn’t do anything to help their son. But, eventually, they found a doctor who said he could do something. He discovered that Phil was a candidate for brain surgery.

That summer, Phil had surgery and it resulted in fewer seizures. However, a few months later the seizures came back and he stopped speaking. Things were getting worse, again. So, the next year, Phil underwent another brain surgery. The second surgery helped but he still needed to take medication and required special help in the classroom.

After the surgeries, Phil struggled socially. He couldn’t relate to other kids. He was isolated and felt alone because no one wanted to be around him. Fortunately, he had his family and a few friends who supported him when he was struggling and feeling alone. His family was always there for him and encouraged him to continue to work hard and not give up.

Growing up, Phil discovered he had a passion for technology. He spent his free time learning about the different software platforms and programming languages available at the time. He continued his studies into college and graduated with a degree in electrical and computer engineering. Since then, he has worked for defense contractors, healthcare organizations, and government agencies.

Growing up, Phil has also met thousands of individuals with epilepsy. Most of them don’t have the support system he had. Their doctor provides them with treatments and therapies that may help control their seizures, but they don’t have a community of people they can share their experience with. Phil knows from experience how important a social support system is.

Without it you become depressed, feel alone, embarrassed, and frustrated.
So, Phil saw this problem as an opportunity and created Neurish. He uses his past experience with epilepsy as motivation to develop Neurish and keep moving forward despite any obstacles they may experience.

Company Info


Neurish is a software platform used to create healthcare applications that support patients, caregivers, friends, families, and physicians. We are starting by creating applications that support the epilepsy community.

Management Team

Phil Gattone
Phil is CEO & founder of Neurish. He has used his personal experience of growing up with epilepsy, a chronic seizure disorder, as his motivation and inspiration to create the company.

He has grown up with epilepsy and has a very extensive network within the epilepsy community including VIPs and  high wealth individuals. His background is in electrical and computer engineering with 12+ years of software engineering experience.

Elisha Phoenix
Elisha is a cofounder and the Product Design Lead of Neurish. She shapes design directions and translates user feedback into engaging experiences for users.

Elisha has over 14 years of experience designing experiences for world-class digital companies, cloud-based, and social marketing organizations. She's created experiences for many well known and highly used brands across a variety of industries that drive outcomes for both businesses and users.

Peter Cunningham
Peter is an accomplished healthcare industry executive with expertise in marketing and finance.

To date, he has achieved: 

  • $1.2 billion annual sales from healthcare technologies developed and marketed around the world
  • $100 million in Equity and Convertible Debt funding
  • Listed 2 companies on public exchanges 

Peter has worked for MNCs as a regional director for Asia, companies merged to create Glaxo SmithKline, Aventis Sanofi & Becton Dickinson.  He was recruited by PricewaterhouseCoopers London to form a Healthcare Consulting Business that grew to the largest in Asia, and operates his own consulting practice: Finance, Technology Commercialization Inc. 

Clients include MNCs, Investment Banks, Government Agencies, The United Nations and Regional Healthcare companies.  He listed 2 companies AXM Pharmaceuticals – China on the American Stock Exchange, and Gamma Pharmaceuticals on the NYSE OTC Exchange. 

In addition, he lectures on Ernest Hemingway at local colleges and museums and Public Health Advocacy.

Investment Highlights


The Neurish Vision

Epilepsy is just the start of Neurish. Our platform is plug-in-play and allows us to easily develop additional applications for individuals impacted by parkinson’s, autism, stroke, and other chronic conditions.

Imagine being given a prescription for a medication and then also being given a link to an application that provides additional social support. 

The Epilepsy Market
  • A network of 80 million people in the U.S., with 3.5 million patients and an average network of 22 people supporting them.
  • The 18 Pharmaceutical and Device Companies seek to improve patients’ adherence to prescription medicine and diagnostics.
  • 6,000 Epilepsy Specialists (A national shortage) seek to provide improved remote service to their patients due to overworked schedules.
  • 8 Insurance companies providing epilepsy coverage seek to reduce medical spend and improve outcomes.
  • 50+ National Patient Organizations seek to advocate for their members with The National Epilepsy Foundation being the largest in the U.S.
  • 150,000 new epilepsy cases each year.

Seed Round Investment

We are looking to expand our network of community, tools, and resources that empower people impacted by epilepsy to live their best life. 

The funding will assist our mission to connect epilepsy patients and caregivers to mentors, healthcare providers, events, and other high quality resources to improve the quality of life for the caregiver and patient.
  • A place where you can connect with others just like you
  • Where you can access all relevant epilepsy-related information in one convenient place
  • And where you can find a specialist that’s right for you

Use of proceeds

We seek up to $1.5MM* seed round investment to finance:
Research Collaborations  $232,702
Technology Enhancement $359,079
Marketing and Advertising $315,259
Working Capital / other resources $418,682
Total   $1,500,000

*Subject to minimum funding of $120K

  • Recently featured in CIO Views as “The 10 Most Inspiring CEOs Making A Difference in 2021”
  • Graduated from NewChip and NeuroLaunch Accelerators
  • Prototypes developed with 284 users and growing
  • User engagement is growing each month
  • Partnership with health economics company
  • Partnership with Stanford University
  • Partnerships with seizure device companies
  • Neurish uses AI technology to analyze data and generate patient reported outcomes for device, insurance, and pharma companies.

Financial Snapshot

Financial Highlights


Project Title Document Title Action
Neurish Networks Neurish SAFE Note Download
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Investment Location



Some of the Perks

Some of the perks we are offering our early investors:

$2,500 Investment
2% Discount on XXX

Current value: $600 USD

$5,000 Investment
5% Discount on XXX
Current value: $1,200 USD

$10,000 Investment
10% Discount on XXX
Current value: $3,600 USD

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the minimum investment in Neurish?
Minimum investment is $100
What will Neurish use the funds for?
We are seeking to raise $1,500,000 investment:
  • Research Collaboration
  • Technology Enhancement
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Personnel
  • Other Resources
What is Neurish Growth Strategy?
  • The Neurish business is a technology and marketing driven business.
  • The cost of technology grows in pace with the growth in revenue mirrored by the growth in users
  • The growth in the cost of marketing and communication lead the growth in revenue
  • G&A expenses are kept low reflecting effective management systems and controls
How does an investor make money?
The initial SAFE investors are providing capital to allow Neurish Network, Inc. (the “Company”) to grow, gain more revenue, and attract additional investors at a later date.
How do SAFE investors cash out?
SAFE Investors are rewarded for their early investment by converting to future company equity at a discount rate. 


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Investment Terms

Neurish has launched a $1.5MM seed round, which is now live and open for investment. As part of the private launch we are offering the following discounted terms. 

Some of the perks we are offering our SAFE investors:
  • Post-Money Valuation Cap of $15M
  • 20% Discount Rate
  • $100 minimum investment
  • Voting rights
  • $120,000 minimum funding goal

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